Qpop vr





About the concept

Psychedellic — Cyber Punk — Audiovisual Production —

The Q symbol represents the universe within and without.

Qpopvr is a combination of 2 concepts started by marqu vr in 2001.
Qpop is a critique on modern popular culture and Qvr is the application of different mediums
to present art which questions conformity and makes us think about the world we live in.
Qvr stands for question your vision of reality.


Qpop started out as Aleatoric concept based Audiovisual ElectroniQ Art in 1999..

Aleatoric music (also aleatory music or chance music; from the Latin word alea, meaning “dice”) is music in which some element of the composition is left to chance, and/or some primary element of a composed work’s realization is left to the determination of its performer(s).

It has a Core stucture, and each time its performed it is relevant to the mood and energy at a particular space in or out of time.

This applies also to vj performances as well as live electronic production.
Different concepts for every project

Q stands for Questions,,
where we should question the politics of media, open up to more peaceful expressions and abandon pornograffiti ( The graffiti the media puts in our minds — the tools used are sex and violence –)
These are the P. O. P we need to Question.

Qpop is questionable pop, non conformist art.

Multi media

Q.p.o.p., an audiovisual conceptual engine..
Working in mediums such as sound, video and performance art and how this can be used to create installations with live interaction.
The main principles for creating art are based on cutting up popular culture and the by products of the modern age.
This is then recomposed in an abstact audiovisual format incorporating video feedback distortion and soundwave frequencies..
Qpop comes from a wave of static formation in The air and brings
an Electric organism to stimulate the subconscious.
Q.P.O.P. stands for 4 methaphorical mechanisms that are used to
Question the individuals perception of what reality is……..The politicaly open pornograffiti is about the illusionary world around us and how to see through it, presented as art which is engaging, thought provoking and stimulating.

Past, present and Future

The artwork incorporates numerous mediums and explorations
of the Technological psyche and applying this to exhibtions, installations, audiovisual performances and events.
There was a movement away from the gallery for a while to combine art and music at audiovisual events
in nightclubs, festivals and alternative venues. The concept for each event would be made to suit the venue.
At present VJing, making video mapped installations and producing music called Psychatronic,
a blend of various styles incorporating psychedelic, bass, electro and idm sounds. experiments in sound include ………..
Circuit Bending
Some of the sounds come from circuit bending——Which is were you short circuit electronic toys that produce sound and re-wire them with switches, potentiometers, body contacts———
These rewired toys can be removed from their original housing and put inside any structure which gives
the sound device a surreal visual aspect.
immersive events
Audiovisual experiments and production is a constant experience and ever changing, this helps to develop a deeper understanding of the mediums and what works best in different locations.
Targeted towards an audience looking for something interesting to stimulate their senses.
These events developed into a collective of artists called 4theye.Click the link for more info.



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