If you are looking for an interesting way to light your venue for events,
The set up would be designed in a way that enhances the venue,
while creating mood and ambience.
This can be combined with video projection services.
Depending on the scale or location, other artists may be involved.

VJing (live visual mixing).
Video mixing for any event. Projections provided for any style of music,
You can also incorporate your own ideas or concepts into the mix.
Video mapping….
The next step in the visual element. Structures and objects
can have the video image mapped onto them. This provides infinite projection surfaces
to have your video displayed on. This service is available for any event.
Prices vary depending on the scale, location and the preparation time.
Consultations are usually arrange when planning the events.

Video editing and recording service available,
Would also be incorporated into visual setup and mapping.
Have your video the way you want it.
On location recording and the final video edit presented in dvd
and digital format.

4theye events, which was started in 2008, in Dublin Ireland.
Events are multi-sensory experiences, with something for all the senses.
The events are themed, and the venue becomes transformed into a fantasy world
where participants get lost in the experience.
These events happen every so often, but we can also be hired to create
immersive experiences for anything you feel needs an extra touch.

Photographic services, from photo shoots to finished art pieces.
Images can be enhanced and old photos restored.
Also digital manipulation and photo painting techniques
can be used to turn portraits
into into surreal fantasy paintings.
Prices vary depending on each individual piece.

Soundtracks for video pieces which are produced to suit
the mood of the finished video pieces.
Can also be standalone audio production.
Audio recording and editing also available for events.

Flyers and Posters for events
Logo Design
CD and DVD cover designs
Booklet design
All these can be designed to your needs
and will be done with creating a sense of style to suit,
whatever the idea may be.

All the above can be mixed together depending on the scale of your project

services overview

  • Qpop webshop

    Qpopvr webshop Video canvas prints available now, various styles to choose from.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic design for posters, flyers, brochures, cd covers etc. Conceptual design, customizable to your needs...

  • Video Editing

    Documentation and editing of events...

  • Video Installations

    Video projection Installations and Video mapping. Custom made installations and visuals for whatever your needs...