4theye is the eye of the imagination.

It began as a biological movement in an Urban Setting.

4theye is a concept based night which is always evolving and moving..The events can be suited to any location.

Sight, sound, action and space are elements used to create an Extra Dimensional Movement of Space in Time.

Past,present and Future happening simultaneously, a constant spinning ball travelling through the universe…The spinning ball is consciousness.

The basics are based on many universes created by individuals involved and how these combine together to make it happen.

Performers act out characters based on mythology from various cultures and some newly created ones with reference to Dimensions that are abstracted
from the world we see with Two Eyes.

The name has 3 representations

1. – for they
2. – 4th eye
3. – for the eye

It is concept based and allows for many interpretations within.

The concept is different each time, but always united with light and good vibes..
For more info and event imagery click the link below